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MRT and Bus:
Bus 849 (to Wulai) leaves Xindian MRT station every 20 minutes. The stop to get off at is called “Guangxing Road Entrance” (廣興路口). Pick up will be provided at the bus stop.

MRT and Taxi:
A taxi from Xindian MRT station costs around NT230 (one-way) to our place.

As you drive out of Xindian following Bei-Yi Road (北宜路), you will turn right onto Xinwu Road (新烏路), the Wulai road. From this turn off, it is 7km to Guangxing Bridge (廣興橋), a grey, double arched bridge located shortly after the only gas station on the Wulai road. Turn right onto the bridge. After crossing the bridge, take the first left at the temple (紫竹林寺) with a big golden Kuanying statue. Now you are on Song Ling Road (松林路). Follow the road for 100m and at the three-way junction take the uphill road. Continue winding up the hill as you follow the golden Buddhist statues. At the Buddhist figure sitting on an elephant, turn left. The next left is lane 16. There is plenty of parking for both cars and scooters. Once you have parked, please call me and I’ll come meet you at the street level.



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4 Fl., No.48 Song Lin Road, Lane 16
Xindian District, New Taipei City

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